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Oct 31, 2008

FINAL & BEST OF: dRUGwARLog (CU after the break;)

Antwerp, Belgium

31 October 2008

(CU after the break)

dRUGwARLog http://hardcoreharmreducer.blogspot.com/

ArtCoreFromTheHardCore http://artcoreharmreducer.blogspot.com/

· Speech "The New Frontiers Of Harm Reduction" AIDS Mexico 2008

· Harm Reduction 2008, Milena Naydenova presents in the plenary session 'The Global State of Harm Reduction' (Barcelona May 12, 2008)

· Harm Reduction 2008: The Global State Of Drug User Activism

· January – June' 2008 INPUD ACTIVITIES REPORT

· INPUD Activities Report Juli 2007 - Januari 2008

· Dr. Peter Piot at HIV Human Rights Rally in Mexico-City

· Global Fund Director at HIV Human Rights Rally in Mexico-City

· Beyond2008 Civil Society Declaration and Resolutions

· Beyond2008 Regional Consultation Reports


· European Commission; Final Report on the EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs (13-14/12/2007)

· INPUD's reply to the EC's Mr. Carel Edwards affirmation on our exclusion from the Civil Society Forum on drugs

· INPUD and IHRA @ EU Civil Society Forum On Drugs (May 20-21 Brussels)

· Kiss My Space Ship!!!

· Speech of DU Activist Mr. Alik Zaripov, Russian civil society representative of people who use drugs (New York, June 10, 2008)

· Для немедленного распространения; ОOH: Репрессивная политика в области наркотиков подрывает усилия по профилактике и лечению ВИЧ/СПИДа

· Civil Society prepares for the High-Level Meeting on AIDS 2008

· Stijn Goossens talks to the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations

· June 11, 2008 Press Conference, UN Webcast with INPUD

· June 4 INPUD Board Communication

· INPUD Director Stijn Goossens Speaks at 51st session of CND(mp3 & SlideShow)

· Friday March 14: Latest Impressions from the CND in Vienna (10-14 March 2008)

· ND @ The CND

· Some more impressions from the CND

· Thursday March 13 at the CND in Vienna: ngo morning preparations for day 4

· More CND Impressions

· Wednesday March 12 at CND in Vienna: Coordinated Civil Society Approach

· Tuesday March 11, Ngo's teaming up for day 2 of the CND in Vienna

· Sunday March 9: Arrived in Vienna today (IHRA delegation for the CND)

· NGO Committee on Narcotic Drugs, Regional Consultation Budapest

· IT IS TIME / TIS TIJD (by Wannes)

· HardcoreDrugUseActivismMix

· Eve Ink SuperSpeed


· Antwerpenaren winnen gevecht tegen de vanzelfsprekendheid van 't Stad

· IDPC Alert - September 2008 (+Carel Edwards bonus!!!)

· Acknowledge the human rights abuses against people who use drugs

· OurEyes

· Recession/Depression: THE CRASH COURSE (How did we get here and what to do now???)

· Soros: The Crisis (PART 1,2,3)

· The worst market crisis in 60 years (George Soros)

· Body shaking experience: Morris Accident

· Breakline: Next Generation, New Stand (Harm Reduction Party Scene)

· Levis 501 met Vitalski

· Sun Set Knife

· Harm Reduction 2009 in Thailand. Do or Don't? (DrugReporter)

· INPUD Asia Pacific: The Goa Declaration

· INPUD Director Invited by UNAIDS for High-Level Meeting on AIDS

· Read Why Professor Luc Beaucourt Gets His Ass Kicked In Public Debate

· Report of the 1th N-American INPUD meeting in New Orleans (Dec. 8, 2007)

· Report on the European INPUD meeting at the Correlation Conference in Sofia.

· INPUD vs De Bilzen: actie – reactie

· Interesting Documents: Blank Strategy Chart

· August 7 - AIDS Mexico 2008 - Random

· August 6 - AIDS Mexico 2008 - Random

· August 4-5 - AIDS Mexico 2008 - Random

· August 3 - AIDS Mexico 2008 - Random

· August 2, DU-Congress prior to the AIDS 2008 Mexico Conference

· Gere Gedaan!

· Nederlanders, Gebakken Lucht, Zwitsers

· Aangifte...

· IndyMedia: Verboden actie; "Stop het Zwartschapen van Drugsgebruikers"

· INPUD: November 1st, International Drug Users Day (IDUD)


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