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Jul 5, 2008



A more detailed report on the activities of INPUD-AP will be published in July.


  • INPUD 2007 financial report

Publish in Belgian court register 2007 annual financial report

Prepare INPUD intermediate 2008 financial report

Presented INPUD Activities report August 2007- January 2008 to IHRA, INPUD board , link

  • Herein present INPUD Activities report January 2008 – June 2008

  • Maintaining INPUD office

  • Administration for the IHRD GOA grant

  • Communications for registering departments/offices (INPUD AP)

INPUD meetings:

Board meetings:

INPUD Board meetings were held in February, April and June.

Most important issues:

June: the Board makes a proposal to involve INPUD Activists in special board committees to work on INPUD structure and membership.



  1. Anan Pun (Nepal, INPUD chairman) attended the South Asia Consultations that were held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 7-9 January 2008; the South Asia Consultations Consultation report can be downloaded here

  1. Stijn Goossens (Belgium, INPUD International Director and Board member) attended the Western Europe Consultation that were held in Budapest, Hungary on 24-25 January 2008; The Western Europe Consultation report can be downloaded here

  1. Guy Pierre (Canada, INPUD Board member) attended the North America Consultations that were held in Vancouver, British Columbia on 4-5 February 2008; The N-American Vancouver report can be downloaded here

  1. Fredy (Indonesia, INPUD Board member) attended the South East and East Asia and the Pacific Consultations that were held in Macau S.A.R. on 31st October-1st November 2007; the South East and East Asia and the Pacific Consultations report can be downloaded here

INPUD Activists will participate in the "Beyond 2008" NGO Global Forum, 7 - 9 July, 2008

Outline program for the Forum

DRAFT BEYOND 2008 DECLARATION , French or Spanish.

UNAIDS Civil Society Task Force (CSTF) to prepare the High-Level Meeting on AIDS June 10-11, 2008 in New York:

  • INPUD applied for accreditation for the UN High Level Meeting on AIDS in New York June 10-11 2008.

  • Becky Brooks accredited to participate in the High-Level meeting.

  • INPUD board nominated 3 INPUD activists for the final selection procedure for membership in the Civil Society Task Force.

  • Stijn Goossens was chosen by the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) to represent the people who use drugs in the Task Force.

CSTF meetings (Stijn):

  • 1st meeting Civil Society Task Force, New York, February 25-29 2008

  • 2nd meeting Civil Society Task Force, New York, April 5- 9, 2008

  • 3rd meeting Civil Society Task Force, New York, May 4 -9, 2008

  • 4th meeting Civil Society Task Force, New York, June 6 -9, 2008

  • High-Level meeting on AIDS, New York, June 10 – 12, 2008

CSTF tele-conferences:

  • March 6 14.00-17.00pm

  • March 13 14.00-15.00pm

  • April 16 14.00-17.00pm

Activities (Stijn) in the Task Force:

  • Draft write CSTF Terms Of Reference.

  • Draft write speakers application form.

  • Selection of the (12) topics for the Civil Society Hearing

  • Draft write 'myths & reality's', civil society key messages

  • Review speaker applications for selection.

  • Selection of speakers for the Civil Society Hearing (13) and panel discussions (5)

  • Support Alic Zaripov (DU speaker) for Civil Society Hearing

  • Organize and participate in UN press conference during High-Level meeting

  • To support Civil Society Activists during the High-Level meeting

  • Publishing CSTF press releases

  • Capture Civil Society Hearing on mobile phone/Video

  • Put online the video's from all hearing spaekers

On line results of CSTF activities:

CND meeting in Vienna:

  • Stijn Goossens attended the CND in Vienna in the IHRA delegation.

  • Luiz Guanabara attended the CND in Vienna on the Open Society Institute delegation.

  • Elaborating with support of INPUD network INPUD statement for the CND 51st plenary session. Statement read by Stijn Goossens

  • Cooperation with NGOs (list which) for the reports written by the International Drug Policy Consortium

  • During the CND posted reports/statements/pictures from our own and civil society partners. - online posts

EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs

  • Stijn Goossens invited by IHRA to participate in EU Civil Society Forum Drugs Brussels May 20-21.

  • Participate in and give input to the workshop ''Messages to the Commission on conclusions to be drawn from the current action plan

International conferences, seminars, meetings

INPUD from the Asian Pacific region participate in the Goa Conference in India.

INPUD Activists participate in IHRA's Barcelona 2008 Conference:

  • Promotion of Users Choice sessions and other sessions organized by DU-Activists

  • Stijn participated in a meeting with IHRA and partners to feedback on the Global State of Harm Reduction report

  • Stijn participated in a meeting about AIDSMexico2008 organized by Caribbean HR Network

  • Presentation on the High-Level Meeting on AIDS and the Civil Society Task Force in the lunch break session "UNGASS Discussion" (organized by IDPC )

Calls for input

Sign-on letters and action alerts

70 INPUD Articles posted on website :

INPUD Newsletters:

    • INPUD July1 2008 2008-07-01

    • INPUD Newsletter June 22

    • INPUD Newsletter June 5, 2008 2008-06-05

    • INPUD E-News: Board Communication 2008-06-04

    • 2008 May 20, The current state of INPUD 2008-05-20

    • INPUD Newsletter May 8 2008-05-08

    • 2008 April 30: INPUD NewsLetter 2008-04-30

    • 2008 April 4 INPUD's latest 2008-04-04

    • INPUD News Letter, 2008 March 24 2008-03-24

    • INPUD Newsletter 2008 March 20 2008-03-20

    • INPUD Newsletter March 12 2008-03-12

    • INPUD newsletter February 22, 2008 I2008-02-22

    • INPUD Newsletter February 14 2008-02-14

    • INPUD newsletter February 1, 2008 2008-02-01

    • INPUD Newsletter January 23, 2008 2008-01-23

    • INPUD newsletter Januari 7 , 2008 2008-01-07

Other related issues


  • The initiated negotiations INPUD / Reckitt Benckiser – no final agreement, topic stays opened.

  • Contacts INPUD - INPUD AP - UNODC AP, for INPUD AP - UNODC AP consultations. Decisions in Autumn 2008

  • INPUD – Correlation-network for EU grant: too pressing dead-lines, no recourses to manage the grant

  • INPUD – DU Copenhagen for EU grant. Although big chance for grant no recourses, no partnership

  • INPUD – Global Drug Policy Program Open Society Institute (Director Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch) – principle agreement for financial support on advocacy an drug policy reform

  • INPUD Congress Barcelona: Grup Igia and Catalan Health Department funded the translations and food. Congress ally by IHRA and The Conference Consortium

  • INPUD - IHRD : international NGO is not IHRD's priority area. Contacted them few time. Nevertheless the good relations – we are not eligible - international

Preparations AIDS Mexico 2008:

  • February: Apply for Global Village session with partners International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO), Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU), Russian Harm Reduction Network (RHRN) and Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN).

  • May: Global Village session selected.

  • June: Erin O'Mara participates in working group for Global Village session

  • Working group AIDS 2008 Methadone Treatment Procedures (with AHRN and AIDS2008 organization

  • Consultation INPUD for methadone treatment procedures during conference


  • The (still not ended) first year of existance of INPUD made clear that work needs to be done on the structure. Errors in the membership needs to be fixed.

  • INPUD needs a strong board with experienced DU Activists who on a regular base can invest time in the organization.

  • The lack of good communication because of an insufficient website

  • We've researched all possibilities for cooperation in European projects, we've researched and talked with the pharma industry, we have good and close allies, but no oportunities yet for additional funding.

  • The INPUD – IHRA agreement stipulated IHRA to be active in support of INPUD to find additional funding.

Support needed:

  • Website, server and administrator to facilitate the global networks communication

  • Assistance/support from IHRA staff to find additional funding

  • Assistance/support from IHRA when applying for EU/UNODC/etc grants

  • Resources for legal support and translations


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