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Jul 2, 2008

INPUD Activists Feedback on Methadone-form AIDSMexico2008 Conference


Article on website:

INPUD Activists Feedback on Methadone-form AIDSMexico2008 Conference

Dear Fellow Activists,

I thank Karyn Kaplan (Thailand), Milena Naydenova (Belgium) and Jason Farrell (USA) for the input they gave on the Methadone Form and the provision of methadone and Harm Reduction Services for the AIDSMexico2008 Conference.

The finalized INPUD comments on the proposed procedure and treatment form will be:

The as a whole the procedure is acceptable, but many important details are not clarified well enough.

Concrete the information card should include:

In what languages the document will be accepted? Spanis Only? In this case: translations needs to be authorized?

For people on non-methadone substitution treatment for opiate dependencies – are there other substitution programs that will accept clients from the delegates. If not – will these people (in case they cannot bring their own medication) get the equivalent of their dose in Methadone. If yes, how they'll convert the dose? If these people can bring their own medication – what are the local customs regulations?

What are the regulations for people who have prescription for non-opiate dependencies like amphetamine or prohibited substances – like Dia-morphine (heroine)?

In what form is the Methadone available:

- Sulphate or Alkaloid?

- In pills?, injectable?, syrup?

Al round Questions

Contacts and Information

Is the contact person reachable 24h a day?

To have not just one but TWO numbers to call if any problems?

Are translators available in the Spanish speaking only clinic?

Are there volunteers available to escort people to the clinic (especially first time)?

Can you provide a map showing the clinic in relation to the IAC venue?

And on this map the routs by public transport and taxi.

Is it possible to have a daily van to facilitate access?

Harm Reduction

Will the clinic have a list of people they expect to need services?

Is it possible to spread information on the availability of buprenorphine?

Is the clinic open on Sunday? What do people do on Sundays, if the clinic's closed?

Is there a local Harm Reduction center to provide (the best) HR equipment and DU-support?

Can they get takeaways, or do they have to go every day?

Is there free access to Narcan/Naloxone? Do hospitals offer it, do harm reduction centers offer it?

Health Emergencies; Contact person, procedures

Related to liver problems

Related to Hepatitis C

Related to HIV

Related to OD.


Are there travel restrictions pertaining to all medications?

What are allowed substances and what are prohibited substances?

What are allowed amounts of carry on medications and what documents do the people need?

Do people need import certificates? (in what language?)

The teleconference with the organizers is at 3.30pm CET (Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris) that is in 1 hour. (half an hour earlier than previously mentioned)

This means that the currently online INPUD Activists still have an hour left to review and if things are missing to hit the reply button and let me know.

That's all for now.


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