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Sep 28, 2007

Majority for a Heroin trial in Denmark

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Dear all,

The Danish Folks Party (extreme right wingers) today proclaimed that they now support a heroin trial in Denmark, and that they therefore will launch a new heroin trial proposal when the parliament gathers next week at the 3rd. of October.

Our current right wing government coalition has a long history of being against a Danish heroin trial. In January three parties from the opposition raised a proposal of a Danish heroin trial but they still needed more support to win progress. Now with the Danish Folks Party there is a majority. I and many with me would love to see that the right wingers lost their government power on the subject, but that is not very likely. I do not expect that our government will risk ending up, as a minority on the subject. So probably they will change their historical opinion against very soon. Actually our minister of health opened a cat flap for a heroin trial in June, but to stall things he said that he would like to wait to take a final decision until he had seen a report from a combined methadone/heroin trial in U.K. that should be ready sometime in 2008. Now he’s probably forced to speed up his decision if he wants to keep his minister post and the government wants to continue to be in charge. Indeed a very exiting situation – we keep our breath and really look forward to read the entire proposal text next week.

Best regards


Joergen Kjaer/president
Danish Drug Users Union/BrugerForeningen

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