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Sep 4, 2007

IHRA E-Newsletter September 2007


This month, we have a number of articles from Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, as well as updates from the International Journal of Drug Policy (IHRA’s official journal) and Harm Reduction 2008 (IHRA’s 19th International Conference).

As always, the IHRA website is updated throughout the month, so please visit us whenever you can and check the ‘Latest Updates’ box on the homepage for the latest news from IHRA and the global harm reduction field.

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Latin America Tender Awarded to Intercambios AssociatiĆ³n Civil

In July 2007, IHRA released an invitation to tender for a partnership with harm reduction networks, associations and organisations in Latin America. We are pleased to announce that the tender has been awarded to Intercambios AssociatiĆ³n Civil - an Argentinean non-governmental organisation with extensive experience in harm reduction research and advocacy.

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Conference Registration and Abstract Submission System Open

IHRA and the Conference Consortium are pleased to announce that the Harm Reduction 2008 registration and abstract submission system is now open. When you first access the system, you will be asked to create a new user account by completing your personal details and choosing a user name and password. Once you have created your user account, you will be able to update your details and submit an abstract for the conference. An ‘Abstract Guide’ has also been produced to assist authors in this process.

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Special Journal Issue Free to Download

The International Journal of Drug Policy has just published a ‘Special Issue’ on HIV treatment and care for injecting drug users - guest edited by Andrew Ball from the World Health Organization, Michel Kazatchkine from the Global Fund, and Tim Rhodes from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. This ‘Special Issue’ brings together a range of original research papers and commentaries from around the world, and is available for free download until October 31 2007.

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An Interview with the ‘Nigerian Friends for Harm Reduction’

The ‘Nigerian Friends for Harm Reduction’ (NFHR) have recently formed to advocate for harm reduction interventions and policies across the country. Here Dr Olanrewaju Onigbogi, a leading harm reduction pioneer in Nigeria, discusses how and why the group have formed and what they hope to achieve – starting with an appeal to the National AIDS Control Agency.

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'ARV 4 IDUs’: Free Quarterly Bulletin Launched

HIV i-Base are pleased to announce the launch of a free quarterly bulletin called ‘ARV4IDUs’. This not-for-profit community publication aims to provide a review of the most important medical advances relating to clinical management of HIV and its related conditions for injecting drug users, as well as access to treatments. The publication contains key articles relating to antiretroviral treatment for injecting drug – including a report from the IHRA conference in May 2007.

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September 2007 Article of the Month

This month’s highlighted article is a critical review of anti-doping strategies in sport by Kayser et al. The paper discusses the ethical assumptions which are the basis of the global prohibitionist approach to performance-enhancing drugs in sport. According to the authors, this approach is expensive and may cause more harm than it reduces for elite, amateur or aspiring athletes.

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Harm Reduction Vacancy in Afghanistan

Medicins du Monde - an international humanitarian organisation advocating for medical care for vulnerable populations - is currently seeking a ‘Harm Reduction Programme Coordinator’ for its programme in Kabul, Afghanistan. For more details on the vacancy, and to apply for this position, please contact Medicins du Monde.

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