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Jul 30, 2007

5 INPUD candidates for EATG-CEEHRN HIV-HCV work shop

Paul, Bijay, Masia

Dear friends,

5 INPUD Activists have send in their candidacy to represent INPUD in a HIV-HCV experts work shop organized by the European Aids Treatment Group and the Central And Eastern European Harm Reduction Network. This are the 5 candidates:

Vitomir Georgievski (Macedonia)

Rajesh Khongbantabam (India)

Jason Farell (USA)

Milena Naydenova (Bulgaria)

Nuno Fernades (Portugal)

To avoid a conflict of interest concerning Milena and I being together and living together from half of August on I asked the board of INPUD to select the best candidate. I've send them the candidates application letters and cv for review.

On Tuesday I'll release the name of the INPUD Activist who'll represent the network in the HIV-HCV experts workshop.

That's all for now,

Stijn Goossens


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