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Apr 16, 2008

Medical Facilities in Barcelona: April 25, Important Deadline

Important Deadline Approaching
Medical Facilities in Barcelona

Since 1990, IHRA’s annual international harm reduction conferences have been attended by thousands of delegates from a wide range of backgrounds. As such, the Conference Organisers are keen to ensure that they provide extensive Medical and Healthcare Facilities for delegates who may have special requirements – including a needle exchange for people who use drugs and referrals to the local supervised drug consumption rooms. In order to do this in Barcelona, a Health Committee has been established - consisting of local and international healthcare professionals and people who use drugs.Delegates who can not bring their own medication to Barcelona may require the provision of opioid substitution treatments or other medical treatments when they are at the conference – such as treatments for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, tuberculosis or sexually transmitted diseases. In order to secure this provision, however, delegates must send their information before Friday 25th April 2008 in order for us to ensure you receive your medical treatment. Please also note that only methadone in solution can be provided in Barcelona – and not buprenorphine, injectable methadone and diamorphine. Therefore, conference delegates may need to transfer their treatment prescriptions before they travel.

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Conference delegates are also reminded that they should arrange their own health and travel insurance in advance of their journey to Barcelona, and should ensure that they have the appropriate documentation with them at the conference. In particular, all conference delegates who are undertaking any kind of medical treatment are asked to bring a medical record from their doctor in case of unexpected circumstances. These records must be written in English, Spanish or Catalan, and must specify the delegate’s conditions and the treatment that they are following.

Click here to contact Jimi Grieve – Chair of the Health Committee

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