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Nov 5, 2007

Report "International Users' Day Barbeque/party" Toronto

By Raffi Balian (Toronto, Canada)

Street Health (of Toronto) and COUNTERfit Harm Reduction Program organized the first annual International Users' Day Barbeque/party.

Approximately 65 iDUs from various parts of Toronto, as well as folks who advocate for the rights of people who use drugs attended the barbeque/party at South Riverdale Community Health Centre in Toronto. Besides the fabulous food, photos and paintings of famous drug users were posted on the walls of the hall where the barbeque was taking place. Similar pins were prepared and distributed by Zoe Dudd and Paula Tookey of Street Health. Zoe and Paula had also cooked a tasty cake that looked like a crack pipe, adorned by "crack" icings. Of course there can't be a party without music, and the music was supplied by artists who were known drug users, singing songs about drugs or being high.

Onto the more serious domain, the event generated lots of discussions throughout the week. For example, some of COUNTERfit's service users had wanted to know why we should celebrate international drug users day when we should probably be ashamed of our behaviour. Others had reminded the audience that drug users had a lot to celebrate about: just having survived
this cruel war warranted celebration (etc.., etc...)

Just wanted to share this event with you.

Take care,


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