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Sep 15, 2007

Ibogaine / Discrimination vs Rights

Dear Friends, INPUD Activists,

'Ibogaine' and 'Discrimination vs Rights' are chosen by INPUD Activists to be the titles of the 2 Users Choice Major sessions for the 19th IHRC in Barcelona (11-15 May, 2008).

These two titles have a lot of potential and will undoubtedly attract the attention of a substantial part of the 19th IHRC's attendants.

The sessions will be put together in the next 2 months. I here by call for your input: send me your abstracts on the titles 'Ibogaine' and 'Discrimination vs Rights' and also submit these abstracts to the IHRC abstract submission system.

Apart from sending me abstracts for the 2 Users Choice major sessions I suggest that INPUD activists who submit abstracts for the conference as a whole would also send me their submitted abstracts. Sending me your abstracts enables me to push for User Activist presentations in the bigger conference program as I am, as INPUD representative member of the Executive Program Committee along with our French peer Eric Schneider (INPUD Activist and president of the French National User Organization ASUD).

I want to thank all people who gave input on session issues and titles and also to the INPUD Activists who participated in the final vote for the 2 sessions.

That's it for now, soon you'll hear more from me again on the issue.

All the best,

Stijn Goossens


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