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Jul 28, 2007

Call to prepare and submit abstracts for the 19th IHRC in Barcelona ( 11-15 May 2008)

Hello Drug User Activist Friends,

IHRA and the IHRC conference organizers opened the website for the 19th International Conference On The Reduction Of Drug Related Harm in Barcelona, Spain, 11-15 May 2008. From 1 August on the website will be open for registration and abstract submission.

I want to invite you all to send in abstracts for selection in the conference program. We need your input to ensure greater User involvement in the 19th IHRC program .

The 19th IHRC Executive Program Committee has identified the following list of themes that will be advertised and uploaded onto the conference website in order to encourage specific abstract topics:

  1. Gender and Harm Reduction

  2. Hepatitis

  3. Hidden Harms of Drug Use (such as families, children of drug users, TB etc)

  4. Alcohol Harm Reduction

  5. Tobacco Harm Reduction

  6. Innovative, Pioneering or New Harm Reduction Approaches (such as approaches for non-opiate drugs)

  7. Innovative, Pioneering or New Harm Reduction Research

  8. The Harms and Prevention of Incarceration

  9. Mediterranean and Latin Harm Reduction Interventions

  10. The Bigger Picture of Harm Reduction (such as how it fits with broader social inclusion, social development or poverty alleviation)

  11. Harm Reduction Education and Training

  12. Harm Reduction in Resource-Poor Settings

The User is the expert, so send in your high quality abstracts!

All the best,

Stijn Goossens

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