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Jul 27, 2007

Call for ideas on 2 Users Choice Majors for 19th IHRC in English

Call for ideas on titels for 2 Users Choice Majors at the 19th IHRC in Barcelona (May 2008)

Dear Friends,

I recently had the first teleconference meeting to start up the work for the 19th IHRC in Barcelona next year May. Apart from a first list with issues and theme's for all the different sessions we also agreed that INPUD again can organize 2 Users Choice Majors. I'll have more on issues and themes for sessions in general in a next email.

For now I want to call for idea's on what the two Users Choice sessions can look like and what the theme's of this two sessions can be. INPUD Activists already gave some input during the IHRC in Warsaw. This is what we have until now:

Street Work: Street Peer Workers, Street Lawyers, Street Nurses, Street Psychologist

Drug Use and Pleasure: It's Not All About Suffering

Organisations Run by DU

Science and DU Involvement

The Internal Drug Policies of Service Providers, Advocacy Groups, and NGOs

Harm reduction and New Drugs (like ATS)

Quality Control: DU Access to Information on the Quality of Drugs in Local Markets


HCV and HIV Issues

So I'm calling for your idea's. I'd like to deside on the titels of these two major sessions in a week or two. I've opened a threat at the INPUD forum for your reactions and input. Click here for the forum

That's all for now

All yours,

Stijn Goossens

INPUD director

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