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Jun 28, 2007

June 26th, Int. day against drug abuse & illicit trafficking. It's "against" that is the problem


Manipur, India
June 26th, Int. day against drug abuse & illicit trafficking.

I just wanted to share my peronsel and our organization(MIVL)thoughts for this day.

The word "AGAINST" makes up the whole problem for us, to suffer, die and what else? Enough doing good for us,,,,,,,,,,, when its not working. This message is what we really need to convey to the international community who is incharge of us in our using business,,,INCB,,,UNODC...blah blah

If users are dying everyday from their policies and programmes what they are doing good for us.

Some years back, I was thrilled when june 26th comes closer and participated in many programs but recently I realized that june 26th is not our day to organize programs like non-user organization does,,, speaking about demand reduction, drug abuse prevention,,,... I really don't know why it took so long for me to realize the fact that the word "AGAINST" is so disempowering for the user community.

Our organization the Manipur Intravenous League(MIVL) organizes its 1st Remembrance Ceremony for lives lost to drugs on june 26th at the office hall of MIVL.

Our central Idea of having this ceremony is to remember those friends who lost their lives to drugs and most of all to dimnish this day june 26th forever "going against drug users,,,, they say drug abuse but its us, the user.

Its a beginning of a war we can win if we unite....




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