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Apr 28, 2008

International Drug User Activists Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 2008 Sunday May 11

You need to register to attend the INPUD Congress:
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*The program is subject to change

3rd INPUD Congresss

Opening: 9.30am, Lunch: 12.30-1.30pm, End: 3.30pm

, Opening

  • Welcome by INPUD
  • Welcome by APDO representative, the Barcelonan DU/patient group
  • Welcome by Grup Igia and/or Catalan government and/or IHRA representative

The State of INPUD: 2007-2008 What we've done the year past and future plans

  • INPUD Asia Pacific (Fredy, Anan)
  • CND, Beyond2008, EU Forum on Drugs, Civil Society Task For the UNGASS on AIDS (INPUD board)
  • INPUD’s first year of existence: the work in practice. What works, what not and what is needed to do better (Stijn)

INPUD activism, presentations on DU Activism by INPUD Activists

  • Konstantin Zverkov ('Era of Mercy', Odessa/Ukraine) about DU organizing in Ukraine
  • Jason Farrell (HRCS/INPUD) DU Organizations, Advisory Committees and NGO's: Who's Listening?
  • "Overdose prevention works" Sharon Stancliff

Lunch 12.30pm – 1.30pm

The IHRA Conference and Barcelona

  • Presentation on APDO and Spanish DU organizing. Introduction on aspects from the Barcelona DU scene, by APDO
  • Available medical facilities, access, guidelines for DU, etc. Howard Lotsof

INPUD development: explanation and proposal on regional departments (Milena Naydenova)

  • regional departments, responsibilities, regional directors, INPUD structure

INPUD, the organization and administration (by the INPUD board)

  • Explanations on the GA later that week
  • INPUD Statutes
  • Board Mandate
  • Nominations for Board Members


  • INPUD presents/highlights the DU Activists speaking in sessions at the IHRC
  • Closing remarks, end of the Congress, goodbye

3.30pm: end

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