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Mar 6, 2008

IHRA Launch New HR2 Blog – Including CND Updates

In March 2008, IHRA announced the launch of a new web-log (‘blog’) for the HR2 Programme - IHRA’s new programme of research and advocacy on harm reduction and human rights. The blog - will be used to highlight the on-going work, campaigns and reports from the HR2 programme, as well as new developments in the areas of human rights and harm reduction.

In March 2008, the blog will also feature daily updates from the ‘Commission on Narcotic Drugs’ (CND) meeting in Vienna (March 10th to 14th), where a number of IHRA staff, board members and partners will be in attendance as part of the UK Government delegation (Professor Gerry Stimson and Damon Barrett), the St. Lucia Government delegation (Marcus Day), and IHRA’s own NGO delegation (Rick Lines from IHRA, Stijn Goossens from INPUD, Dr Olanrewaju Onigbogi and Dr Fayzal Sulliman from the new sub-Saharan Africa Harm Reduction Network, and Graciella Touze from Intercambios in Argentina). The UK Government will also be hosting a side-meeting at CND on behalf of IHRA, the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC), Human Rights Watch and the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. The session – entitled ‘Recalibrating the Regime’ - will be used to launch a new Beckley Foundation Report co-authored by IHRA.

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The HR2 programme’s mandate is to monitor the policies and practices of multi-lateral organisations and assess their compliance with international harm reduction best practice and international human rights law. HR2 will produce a series of reports to highlight key themes and issues, and to facilitate or inform advocacy campaigns around the world. HR2 (with support from IHRA’s partners around the world) will also produce a major ‘Global State of Harm Reduction’ report in May 2008, assessing the development of harm reduction programmes and human rights protections for people who use drugs in all regions of the world.


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