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Mar 24, 2008

Draft Program: International Drug User Activists Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 2008 Sunday May 11

Dear Friends, Activists

INPUD and fellow activists from the local patient and drug user activist organization APDO are organizing for the 3th International Drug User Activists Congress. The INPUD congress is organized as a satellite to the International Harm Reduction Conference (May 11-15) and takes place on Sunday May 11, from 10am until 3pm in room 3 of the Conference venue La Fira .

The congress will address some practicalities related to the Harm Reduction Conference and many issues concerning INPUD and International Drug User Organizing: What we did last year and what are our plans for the year coming, presentations on DU activism by Spanish, Ukrainian and US Activists, a session to prepare for the General Assembly taking place later that week with also a presentation/proposal on INPUD and regional departments to be decided on during the GA, etc.

I've copied here below the draft program proposal for the 3th International Drug User Activists Congress. There still is a lot to work out by me, members of the INPUD board and the other volunteer activists involved.

I'd like to have your input on the proposed congress program. I welcome your proposals to have the best possible content for the congress.

You can email me your feedback (mail too: and you can also post it on the forum for group discussion. (Link to the forum)

Stijn Goossens

International Network Of People Who Use Drugs

Draft Program

International Drug User Activists Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 2008 Sunday May 11

Opening: 10.00am, Lunch, Closing: 3.15pm


Opening 10min.

  • Welcome by INPUD

  • Welcome by APDO representative, the Barcelonian DU/patient group, also introducing:

  • Welcome by Grup Igia/Catalan government/IHRA representative

The State of INPUD: 2007-2008 (by Anan, Luiz, etc.)

  • What we've done the year past and future plans: INPUD Asia Pacific, Beyond2008 UNGASS on Drugs, CND, EU Forum on Drugs, CSTF UNGASS on AIDS, etc

INPUD activism, presentations on DU Activism by INPUD Activists

  • Presentation on APDO and Spanish DU organizing

  • Konstantin Zverkov ('Era of Mercy', Odessa/Ukraine) about DU organizing in Ukraine

  • Jason Farrell (HRCS/INPUD) DU Organizations, Advisory Committees and NGO's: Who's Listening?


The IHRA Conference and Barcelona

  • Available medical facilities, access, guidelines for DU, etc. (Howard Lotsof?)

  • Introduction on aspects from the Barcelona DU scene (APDO/Satxa?)

INPUD administration (by the INPUD board)

  • Explanations on the GA later that week

  • INPUD Statutes

  • Board Mandate

  • Nominations for Board Members

INPUD development: explanation and proposal on regional departments (Milena Naydenova)

  • regional departments, responsibilities, regional directors, INPUD structure

3pm Closing

  • Decision on date and time of INPUD General Assembly in the week coming

  • INPUD presents/highlights the DU Activists speaking in sessions at the IHRC

  • Closing remarks, end of the Congress, goodbye


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