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Dec 6, 2007

INPUD Network Consultation on UNGASS Regional Consultations

Dear Fellow Drug User Activists,

I need all INPUD Activists input to support the network to make a difference when INPUD participates in the UNGASS regional civil society consultations on the global policies on drugs.

Anan Pun (Nepal, INPUD chairman) will represent us in Dhaka, 7-9 January 2008.

(South Asia)

INPUD director Stijn Goossens will participate in the Budapest meeting, 24-25 January 2008. (European Union and EFTA Countries)

INPUD board member Fredy (Indonesia) already participated in the Macau consultations. (South East and East Asia and the Pacific).

You can read the message below and share idea’s/ input on the INPUD forum:

The 3 specific objectives of the regional consultations

Interpretation of the meetings conditions and documents

INPUD objectives and approach

Your input is needed: The “Beyond 2008” regional consultations and Forum will focus on 3 specific objectives

· To highlight tangible NGO achievements in the field of drug control (achievement in policy, community engagement, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and social-reintegration)

· To review best practices related to collaboration mechanisms among NGOs, governments and UN agencies and to propose new and/or improved ways of working with the UNODC and CND.

· To adopt a series of high order principles, drawn from the Conventions and their commentaries that would be tabled with the UNODC and CND for their consideration and serve as a guide for future deliberations on drug policy matters.

What are your ideas/views on this? Please share your ideas with us and give input on the forum. Click here: Share idea’s, give input on the Beyond 2008 objectives

Your input is needed: Interpretation of the meeting conditions and documents

We have Fredy’s experience from the Macau meeting that’ll help to prepare:

The consultation organizers try to keep the focus limited to that what works in the drug field” (= the organizers try to keep away from naming the things that don’t work (and make things worse))

Fundamental issues like the Conventions and the global prohibition are hard to address (if possible at all)”

Beyond 2008’ websites and documents:

The Vienna NGO Committee (VNGOC)

Beyond 2008 Background Information

Beyond 2008 Regional Consultations

Beyond 2008 PowerPoint Presentation

What is expected from the NGO community is:

To reflect on its own achievements in drug control

Exchange ideas on promising new approaches

Reach agreements on ways to work together

To make recommendations on future directions for drug control (to UN/ UN members)

To rethink current collaboration mechanisms with UN agencies (effective partnership)

What are your ideas/views on this? Please share your ideas with us and give input on the forum. Click here: Interpretation Beyond2008 conditions and documents

Your input is needed: INPUD objectives and approach

Apart from the organizers objectives, what should be INPUD’s objectives for the consultations?

How to approach the consultation knowing that there’ll be tendencies to try to have everybody talk good things only about the past 10 years of UN drugs policies?

How to avoid that INPUD ends up in a UN document that states that even people who use drugs admit that things are developing pretty well under current policies? Or in other words: how to avoid miss use of our willingness to participate?

What are your ideas/views on this? Please share your ideas with us and give input on the forum. Click here: Beyond 2008: INPUD objectives and approach

Please do not hesitate to provide us with your view on things.

Be Active!


Stijn Goossens

Executive Director

International Network Of People Who Use Drugs



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