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Dec 13, 2007

How to screw your relation with civil society (a European case study)

Joergen (Danish Users Union), Matt (IHRD),
Milena (INPUD, Belgium/Bulgaria), Luiz (Psycotropicus, Brazil), Stijn (INPUD Belgium)

and Berne's back side (Swedisch Users Union;)

DU Activists Organizing

Dear Friends,

People who use drugs from all over Europe participated in the 2-year process for the involvement of civil society in EU drugs policies, organized by the EU Commission.

The end of this process - and the beginning of the involvement - is the organization of the first European Civil Society Forum On Drugs in December 2007.

Despite our constant and constructive participation in the preparation of this civil society involvement in EU drugs policies, the European Commission didn't take into account European Drug User Organizations' applications for membership in the European Civil Society Forum On Drugs. The European Commission excludes people who use drugs from the forum about people who use drugs.

We'll not let this pass by easily. INPUD and allies are teaming up together to push for change and greater involvement.

I hereby present to you:

How to screw your relation with civil society

The Story Of The EC's Civil Society Forum On Drugs

January 2006 – December 2007

  • Meanwhile, The International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) and DrugScope (UK) refused the invitation to take part in the Civil Society forum on drugs because of the poor and amateuristic organization of the forum by Mr. Edwards staff. The crappy organization was named “an insult for civil society” by Professor Gerry Stimson. (Among other things, the London based IHRA Director received an air ticket Finland – Brussels to attend the forum (!!))

It's an ongoing story, ...
We'll keep you closely informed

Stijn Goossens
Executive Director

International Network Of People Who Use Drugs

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2140 Borgerhout

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