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Oct 30, 2007

2007 International DP Reform Conference "Time for a New Bottom Line"

5-8 December 2007
New Orleans, Louisiana

Policy challenges & challenging policies ...

(Drug Policy Alliance)

If current drug policies have failed (and clearly they have) . . . what next?

This conference is the world's principal gathering of people who believe the "War on Drugs" is doing more harm than good. No better opportunity exists to learn about drug policy and to strategize and mobilize for reform.

The conference will address a wide range of policy, legal, political and scientific issues including:

  • Drug Sentencing Reform

  • Drug User Organizing (with Matt, Louis, Berne and Stijn!)

  • Treatment

  • Drug Testing

  • Race and the Drug War

  • Marijuana

  • HIV, Hep C and Overdose Prevention

  • International Developments

  • Drug Education

  • Entheogens-Science, Spirituality and Law

  • Alternatives to Prohibition

  • Pragmatic Steps for Ending the Drug War

Register now . . .

Reduced registration fees in effect until 5 November

For full information, please visit the conference website:


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